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Articles and Guides

Articles and Guides

Here you will find articles and guides which will allow you to troubleshoot and setup even the most complicated computer systems We have also included lessons learnt (The hard way) some guides have been written in a rush, others on the fly so forgive the punctuation etc

We hope they help you .. and stop you spending hours looking on the internet for a way forward when faced with an issue.

Windows 2008

Article GuideDownload 
A Brief Guide to Setting up the Active Directory Recycle Bin in 2008 R2pdffDownload
A Brief Guide to Setting up and using Active Directory Snapshots in 2008 R2pdffDownload
A brief Guide to Managing the Global Query Block List on 2008 R2 DNS ServerspdffDownload

Windows 2012

Article GuideFormatDownload
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Active Directory Health Checks

Article GuideFormatDownload
Active Directory Health CheckpdffDownload
A brief Guide to checking your Group Policy HealthpdffDownload

training and learning needs analysis

Article GuideFormatDownload
What is a Training Needs Analysis (TNA?)pdffDownload
Customer Service Excellence for the IT Support StaffpdffDownload