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Forensic and Policing Services

Forensic and Policing Services


A Computer Forensics Investigation can analyse, extract and process this data to uncover valuable evidence.
However if best practice guidelines are not followed, and computer forensics experts are not deployed, evidence can be lost forever and it becomes inadmissible in a court of law.

Expert Witness Service

CTCS can provide computer forensic investigators to act as a witness for the defence or prosecution.
CTCS investigators are absolute professionals providing independent and objective reports on all cases that they handle. If required to support their investigation in a court of law, this professionalism is carried through to any evidence given.

We use industry standard computer forensics software (Encase) to secure any data, and all work in carried out in accordance with Association of Chief Police Officer guidelines.

We specialise in the following areas:

• Email correspondence including deleted emails
• Internet activity
• Stolen electronic data / intellectual property
• Password cracking
• Deleted files & folders
• Creation times & dates


Report/preparation/inspection/conference time £95 per hour
Travel by motor car £55 per hour
Travel by public transport £ 50 per hour
Court attendance (exclusive of travel time) £100 per hour
Expenses (travel fares, hotels, etc.) – at cost



Policing Your Child

Are you worried what you son or daughter is doing on the Internet, Who is talking to them, who they are talking to.
Children are exposed to dangers online their parents could never have imagined. From Internet predators to online bullies, the threats are real.

Software for parents

WebWatcher’s Parental control software is just the answer to help ensure kids’ online safety. Our experts will install this software for you and it is invisible. You then have the peace of mind of knowing that not only can you block undesirable web site with minimum fuss. You can check on what your child has been doing night or day from anywhere in the world, using a standard web browser.  It will also allow you to see where your child is at any time as long as they have their phone with them.

Relationship issues/cheating spouse

The decision to learn the truth about a loved one who may be straying can be a tough one. Once you’ve made the choice to see if they may be cheating, having WebWatcher software in your corner can make all the difference.