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Deterring would-be criminals and resolving disputes rank among the benefits derived from setting up IP cameras to keep an eye on your business.

However, CTCS state 5 reasons why you should have security cameras at your place of business.

You Can Provide Video Evidence of any Crimes

If you have even just one security camera installed at your place of business, you’ll have a much higher likelihood of capturing video evidence of anything illegal that happens on your property. If there’s ever a court case that arises from this activity, your video footage will be incredibly important to the case, as your camera footage could help the police in their investigative efforts. You’ll also be able to reap the rewards of easy filing and processing of any insurance claims that you may need to make if you’ve had property stolen from the office or if it’s been damaged through an act of vandalism. You might even get a break on your business insurance premiums for having a video surveillance system installed.

 You Can Deter Potential Criminal Activity

Not only will a camera system help to protect you in the event of a crime, just having one will act as a deterrent to potential criminal activity as well. Would-be criminals will often reconsider staging a break-in if they see a security camera blinking away above the door to your office or place of business; only the boldest, the most desperate, or the least intelligent potential thief or vandal would risk getting caught on video.

 You Can Sleep Easy

Having a security camera system will let you as a business owner sleep easy at night or whenever you’re away from the office. Running a business is stressful enough without having to obsess about security for your property, and your workers will also appreciate the added layer of security when it comes to dealing with unwelcome guests. If you are a business dealing with people, your customers will also breathe easier knowing that there’s an eye in the sky keeping tabs on the situation as well.

Your Employees will be More Productive

Business security cameras can help your employees to be more productive, as they will be more likely to show up on time for their work and perhaps work harder while they’re in the office if they know they’re being watched.

Your employees will be much less likely to provide preferential treatment to customers or steal drugs, prescriptions etc if they know that someone’s monitoring them; whenever they are on “the clock”, they will know they have to conduct themselves in a professional manner and keep their lunches and breaks short.

Your Other Security Methods Will Be Strengthened

Security guards and Receptionists can make mistakes – they’re only human. Alarm systems can malfunction or be disabled. If you’ve got a security camera system set in place, you can more easily back up your other security methods to cover for any deficiencies or discrepancies. There’s no reason to rely on just one security measure when you don’t have to.

The Cameras

We offer only 720p cameras as a minimum , however 1080P are also available so that the playback should it be needed is excellent.

Types of Cameras

There are two types of Camera, a wireless camera and a power over Ethernet Camera.

Wireless Camera

Due to possible interference from neighbouring Wi-Fi networks, wireless cameras aren’t generally recommended for business deployments. Moreover, misconfigured Wi-Fi configurations or security vulnerabilities in some wireless cameras may inadvertently allow hackers access into a crucial part of your business.

However, at CTCS we ensure that the cameras are setup correctly with the latest firmware and security patching avoiding these issues.

Power over Ethernet Camera (PoE)

In contrast, a wired Ethernet network offers significantly better security and isn’t susceptible to passphrase guessing brute-force attacks. Some companies prefer the use of IP cameras with Power Over Ethernet (PoE). Though the need to lay Ethernet wires makes this costlier than a wireless deployment, it can offer improved security and reliability.

Local versus Cloud storage

All camera will have the ability to save footage on a SD card and whilst these can be set to hold large amounts of footage, criminals; these days know that if they destroy or take the camera they have also taken the evidence.

CTCS therefore recommend and offer a unique cloud based backup and retrieval service allowing any footage over a 31-day period to be accessed and sent back to you in a variety of playable formats. This will be date and time stamped and can be used in a court of law should it be necessary. Retrieval of this footage can be carried out on a 8 Hr, 12 Hr or 24 Hr period depending upon your requirement and how quickly you wish to see this data.

The Cloud storage would allow you to choose the time of the footage that you would like to see, the cameras operate using Infrared at night. The screenshot below shows a room in complete darkness apart from the monitor.

Software will be installed onto your mobile phone so that you can view all your cameras at anytime from anywhere in the world (Wifi or 3G/4g signal required) and will even let you talk to people in the office from your phone.

Full screen will show as below



To be able to view the cameras and for them to be able to store their data on the cloud server we will need to have “port Forwarding” enabled at the Internet Service provider’s router. In addition, a Dynamic DNS address may need to be setup if a Static IP address has not been provided for your router

Power must be available at the location where the camera is to be installed. If it is not, it will be the responsibility of the customer to provide this.



Technical Specs:

All the cameras will have the following features:

✔ 1.0 Megapixel High Definition (720p)

✔Two Way Audio

✔ Display Resolution 1280 x 720 ✔ Video Recording On Motion Detection ✔ WPS-enabled Wireless Connection ✔ Night Surveillance Up To 8 Meters/26 Feet ✔ Embedded IR-Cut Improves Image Clarity ✔ Wide Viewing Angle – 70 Degrees ✔ Pan & Tilt remotely – 300° Horizontal, 120° Vertical ✔ Free Embedded Foscam DDNS Server ✔ Compatible With iOS (iPhone/iPad) & Android ✔ Supports Wireless b/g/n ✔ Micro SD Card Slot (Up to 32GB) *Not Supplied ✔ H.264 Video Compression

✔ Limited 1 Year Warranty

✔Low Power Consumption (7.5 Watts (Max))

✔Dimensions: 110(L) x 103(W) x 127(H)




Please note that this price includes setup, port forwarding, free Dynamic DNS address and free installation of UFoscam on up to 3 Phones

(Trunking or hiding of cables will not be possible in a managed services office)

The option to purchase one as a test is also available.

 Our Pricing varies based on whether you would prefer Wireless or POE.

Camera Type Additional Extras Price per unit
Wireless None £149.99
PoE PoE converter

Network Cable


Please note that prices for higher resolution cameras are available on request

Cloud Storage

This will be provided by secure encrypted servers which will store all recordings and images for up to 31 days at which point the earliest recording will be overwritten.

This will also alert us if any of your cameras are offline.

The initial Cloud storage price for up to 8 cameras will be £20.00 per camera per month, working out at less than 70 pence per day per camera.


This relates to the speed at which you wish to have the image/recording/incident recovered and sent to you. Retrieval and delivery (based on size to be sent via E-mail. Please note that this prices are per request and do not limit you to an amount of data.

Retrieval of image/Video Within 8 Hours Within 12 Hours Within 24 Hours 2 to 31 Days
£2.50 £2.00 £1.00 £0.75p


Downloads can be in the following formats AVI video/MP4 or JPEG images sent as a zip file.

Please contact us at Sales@ctcsonline.co.uk