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Monitoring & Device Management

 Monitoring & Device Management

Our comprehensive and proven platform enables us to fix our customers’ IT problems before they even know about them. The powerful web-based dashboard includes Remote Monitoring, Backup, Mail Security capabilities – enabling us to monitor and protect your technology and data assets on premise and on the move….and to scale as your business needs change. We offer automatic asset discovery both Hardware and Software, supporting both Apple Mac and Windows platforms

Knowing that your systems are under control means you can focus on higher value activity – like finding new customers, growing your business and growing your revenues. We don’t just provide software and leave the rest up to you. For us it’s firmly about partnership – we only grow if you do. So we do all we can to provide the business blueprint for growth and support you need.

I.T. is often neglected in SME’s as there are always other more important costs. However, this neglect can often lead to increased costs both financially as well as a decrease in productivity for your staff and business. Moving to a model with consistent monthly fees provides stable IT costs for you as a customer and lets you budget more efficiently.

Device Monitoring and Patching

Traditional IT support has used remote control software which interrupts end users. Many IT technicians are moving to non-intrusive support tools which provide fast troubleshooting and resolution without interrupting the end user unless absolutely necessary. Our monitoring will allow us to “spot problems Before they arise and will also allow us to perform remote tasks to remediate whenever necessary.

The example on the next page shows the monitoring used and a weekly report (which will be sent out to nominated e-mail addresses) will be generated.

Monitoring of your devices will include the following based on your price plan:

Apple (Patching and Updates included)


MacBook Pro

MacBook Air



Microsoft (Patching and Updates included)

Any Laptop

Any Desktop

Any Server


Any IP or Wireless Enabled Printer (subject to implementation of SMTP on all printers) We are currently unable to provide printer monitoring for all USB connected printers.

Routers and Switches

All Routers, Switches and other network connected devices can be monitored and reported on.

What we Monitor

Each Device will be safely and securely linked to our Cloud based monitoring system, this means that there is no local infrastructure in place taking up room and requiring further maintenance.

We will monitor the following on all devices listed above:

What we Will Not Monitor

We are unable to monitor the following devices:

Devices which we have not been told about or which have not been identified to us

Devices which are switched off

Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) devices

Devices which have no or little (less than 2hrs per day) connectivity to the Internet


It is important to note that any Laptop, MacBook etc are connected to the internet (whether this be in the office or at home) at least once per day for a minimum of 4 hours to allow for the cloud based monitoring to work and for the self-healing and any updates to be pushed out.

How We Heal and Keep Healthy

Each device will receive automatic Updates either from Windows or from Mac and these will ensure that all devices re kept up to date and secure.

This process runs after hours so that it does not interfere with any of the day to day activities.

The screenshot below is from a monitored Apple Mac device and shows several automatic software upgrades
30 Daily Checks are performed on every workstation and device

For further details please contact us by e-mailing Enquiries@ctcsonline.co.uk