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Remote Support

Remote Support Services

Our remote pay-as-you-go PC support service allows you to have a IT Dept when you need one. You purchase credits for remote PC support in units of 60 minutes, and can then use the remote PC support service charged per minute as and when you need it through arranging an appointment time. Credits for our remote PC support never run out, and you can top-up your account whenever you want. This provides for the ultimate in flexible, affordable remote technical support. Our Remote PC Support service is carried out by a qualified Microsoft consultant over a secure encrypted connection


Are you worried what you son or daughter is doing on the Internet, Who is talking to them, who they are talking to. Children are exposed to dangers online their parents could never have imagined. From Internet predators to online bullies, the threats are real.

Software for parents

WebWatcher’s Parental control software is just the answer to help ensure kids’ online safety. Our experts will install this software for you and it is invisible. You then have the peace of mind of knowing that not only can you block undesirable web site with minimum fuss…… but you can check on what your child has been doing night or day from anywhere in the world, using a standard web browser.

Relationship issues/cheating spouse

The decision to learn the truth about a loved one who may be straying can be a tough one. Once you’ve made the choice to see if they may be cheating, having WebWatcher software in your corner can make all the difference.